Google confirms emoji reactions on Gmail in October

Everyone will have noticed the very high degree of attention that Google is reserving for all applications in reference to its platform. As everyone knows, the Mountain View giant has many solutions within its catalogue, with very important apps that have become a fixed point in users’ lives. It is definitely one of these Gmaila suite dedicated entirely to the email service.

After some reports received during the last month that claimed something new was about to arrive, further confirmations have arrived. In fact, it seems that Gmail is about to finally receive the ability to react via email emoji. The latest rumors report the arrival of this new possibility starting this month October for all users who use the famous email app.

Gmail is finally updating, this month of October will see the arrival of emoji reactions

All users who use a personal Gmail account should have the opportunity these days to see for the first time an icon next to or below incoming messages in your email inbox. This, which represents a smiley, will allow everyone to access the vast section of emojis with which they can react.

Using the latest version of Gmail, you can click on the icon selecting a practical smiley with which to show your impression to your interlocutor. This is a very simple but above all convenient and fun new way to respond to emails, especially when you don’t have time to write more elaborate text messages.

Please note that if you use another email client, you will receive the emoji reaction in a separate email. Users will have 5 to 30 seconds to cancel sending an emoji reaction after adding it. The time will vary depending on the settings you choose. All that remains is to update and open up to this new possibility.


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