Google copies Samsung, text calling like Bixby arrives on Android

The great versatility of Android devices leads to much more frequent updates and significantly more interesting new additions. This is demonstrated by Samsung which announced the famous function in 2023 Bixby Text Call. This feature, which arrived after many rumors, allows you to type messages by transforming them into an audio message.

The function obviously arrived first in English, and then also landed in Europen just last summer. In this way, therefore, you can answer a call not necessarily by speaking directly, but by typing messages that will be transformed into spoken words.

From that moment the functionality was also taken as a model by Apple with its new iOS 17 operating system but it wouldn’t end there. Google in fact he would have announced that the feature would be ready to arrive on the Android operating system.

Google will introduce a feature equal to Bixby Text to call on Android

The statements from Google leave no room for misunderstanding: the functionality will arrive in the next one Android Feature Drop. The American company has in fact declared that users will soon be able to answer phone calls simply by sending response messages which will turn into words. You will therefore be able to answer every call without the need to listen to it or respond with your own voice.

All this was stated in a post on the official Google blog, without any further details added. At least for the moment it is not known whether the functionality will be limited only to some regions, as the giant has not transferred word regarding the supported languages.

What is clear is that this possibility will not only be available to devices Pixel, as it was announced as a feature for Android. All users obviously hope that the update will be available for every device in various parts of the world. This could be one of the most useful updates of recent years.


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