Google could include a chatbot within Maps

Moving from one place to another would be much more complicated and cumbersome if it wasn’t available on smartphones Google Maps. Although over time many applications have arrived in the mobile world for navigation, that of the Mountain View giant always remains the main reference.

Maps today is in fact one of the best free apps that users can install and use on their phone. Actually also through computer the platform is widely used, with many people taking a look at the route before leaving home.

The famous navigation app is a veritable wealth of information for every place you intend to visit. Its indispensability is therefore known to everyone and it is for this reason that Google wants to improve everything by adding more and more functions. Google wants to add more new features within Maps, with the next addition possibly involving a chatbot.

Google Maps will give users a new travel companion, a chatbot is coming

Through the in-depth analysis of the Maps APK, it is possible to predict every move regarding the famous app. These are not always released to the public, but the latest news is very interesting: Google is planning to introduce a chatbot.

At least for the moment, analyzing the code strings that are present in the new version v11.105 beta, there is no evidence relating to artificial intelligence. For this reason the chatbot may not be equipped with it.

At least for the moment there is not much information regarding the features this solution could have. The most credible sources report that it could refer to the program Local Guides. This particular section of Maps allows anyone to upload information, although much of it is currently still subject to review.

The new chatbot could therefore take care of disposing of everything more quickly, expanding Local Guides with new truthful and certified information.


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