Google Earth Timelapse: here’s what it’s for and what you can do with it

Google Earth Timelapse it is the software created by the Mountain View giant to observe the main ones evolutions of planet Earth for the last 40 years. With the possibility of move at will from nation to nationbased on your personal needs.

Timelapse (the form “time laps” is incorrect) is the instrument Google which allows us to observe the consequences of climate change, but not only. In fact, depending on the selected area it is also possible to observe any man’s constructions. O natural changes of another kind.

What Google Earth Timelapse is and how it works

Google Earth Timelapse (sometimes incorrectly written time laps) is a tool that is part of an engine with even broader functions. His name is Google Earth Engine and was launched in 2010 for monitor the evolution of ours planet: starting from climate change, up to the main large-scale terrestrial phenomena.

As its name suggests, Google Earth Timelapse allows you to “speed up time”. The starting reference is to the term “time-lapse”, which belongs to the world of photographyof the cinema he was born in video editing.

The time-lapse technique allows you to capture frames to one lower frequency compared to theirs reproduction. In this way the final film gives the impression that time passes faster.

Google Earth Timelapse sfrutta very different technologiesbut it allows you to obtain a effect similar to that of timelapse traditional.

In fact, the user has the possibility to observe the evolution of a more or less vast portion of the earth’s territory as years go by. More precisely, the available images allow you to scroll dal 1984 to 2022.

How to use Google Earth Timelapse

Google Earth developed Timelapse using a huge archive of millions and millions of photos satellitesacquired by the main international programs of terrestrial monitoring from space: from the American USGS/NASA Released all’european Sentinel.

At the same time on the user side Using Google Earth Timelapse is very simple: the first thing to do is visit the official reference portal

On the left side of the screen you can select a range of location of our Planet considered of particular interest. On the right side of the screen can be observed the evolution of the area in question from 1984 to 2022.

The user has the option to stop the timelapse whenever he wants. But also of increase or decrease the speed relating to the passage of time and images.

Per choose independently the point to view it is sufficient to move on the 3D map of the Earth: the commands are the same as those used for moving on Google Maps. Alternatively it is also possible enter coordinates precise within the search bar located at the top of the screen.

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