Google Flights reveals 3 tricks to help you save money

Google Likes is a service offered by the Mountain View technological giant to find the best offers in the context of air flights.

If until recently, thanks to thedisproportionate increase in prices, this tool was useful, for a few days it is even more so. Google, in fact, wanted to introduce three new features that can help users save money.

In fact, last week’s updates allow you to choose the cheapest time to book a flight, get improved price tracking alerts as well as an additional price guarantee.

Those who have used Google Flights in the past know well how this platform pulls data from previous flights and then provides an “average” price together with a price history chart. This helps the user to be more aware of the price he is paying. However, now the system goes into more detail.

The service offers up-to-date information that only the average price paid by people, going instead to answer the question “Better to book now or wait a few weeks?“. The platform now shares a variety of information for any date o destination specifies, suggesting when it is most convenient to book a flight.

Google Flights solutions counter price hikes

Google’s blog post explains how its detailed insights into travel and pricing can help find cheaper flights. For example, if you are looking to travel over the Christmas period, the best time to book a flight will probably be mid-October.

So, the newly updated price tracking feature will do all the heavy lifting for the user, by sending an alert when the system finds the ideal flight plan. Not only that: you can also set the price monitoring for a specific destination, both in case of need for a precise date, and for those who have more flexibility available.

The third change is sort of price guarantee. On select flights in certain regions, if Google Flights is sure you’re getting the best deal possible, a small pop-up guarantee badge will appear.

Google will automatically monitor the prices until the departure time and, if the price drops, you will be able to receive a refund on your account Google Wallet. Finally, it will also be possible to have a new overview of booking trends in 2023: a small function useful for making more informed decisions before planning an airline flight.


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