Google Gemini, how to manage conversation history

The basic procedure to follow for delete conversations on Google Gemini it’s so quick and simple that it doesn’t require a tutorial. In fact, everything can be solved in just a few clicks.

However, things change if you want manage Gemini conversation history. Or if you want to delete multiple tasks at the same time.

Gemini is the new name used to identify thegenerative artificial intelligence by Google, formerly known as Bard. Even if it actually allows you to access different AI modelsbased on individual usage needs.

The basic use of Google Gemini involves interacting with un chatbot in stile ChatGPT. The tool is designed to store all exchanges with the user for a predefined period of time.

But it’s possible also change this type of settingin order to delete written and vocal activities with Gemini according to your personal needs.

How to remove past conversations from Gemini

Google Gemini allows the user to quickly view the last conversations had with the chatbot.

The first procedure to follow to delete conversations on Google Gemini is simply to select one with the mouse cursor. Then selecting i three horizontal dots and the name option Remove.

Alternatively it is also possible clean the conversation log with Google Gemini in its entirety. To do it you have to do it again start from the chats page.

From here you need to click on button named Activities, located in the bottom left corner of the screen. And then on entry named Gemini Activity.

This area allows you to view various settings and delete multiple conversations with Gemini at once. For example, indicating a period of time among those proposed by the AI.

To be sure to delete past conversations with Gemini you need to confirm permanent deletionselecting the item named Always.

How to clear other activity on Google Gemini

The section of Activity already mentioned in the previous paragraphs allows you to delete specific chats. But also to manage the conversation history with Gemini.

By default the system is set for delete conversationswritten and vocal activities in Gemini after 18 months. The user can however customize the setting: By turning off automatic deletion and selecting a different time range.

This space does not allow completely delete your account on Gemini, but, in hindsight, there is never really a need for it.

In fact, users connect to Gemini using their generic Google account. And the generative AI tool doesn’t store anything beyond chats.

To permanently remove a account Google you can switch to your web browser Chromerather than for YouTube o Gmail.

Be careful though permanent cancellation will prevent access the various services developed by the Mountain View giant. And it could lead to loss of various valuable information.

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