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For those who surf the internet, for those who use an Android smartphone, and for those who use apps such as YouTube, Blogger, Maps, and Gmail, the Google account is by far the most important, the one that includes the most sensitive personal data inside.
In a Google account, there is the inbox with Gmail, the history of searches made, the history of viewed videos, the phone contact list, WhatsApp backups (if you are using Android), directions to your favorite places and towards home, payment data for the Google Play Store and then much more depending on the services used. A Google account problem can panic any user because if they are no longer able to log in with the account username and password and there are errors or terrible messages such as “the account does not exist” or “the account is locked”.
Google also does not have customer service, human support to ask for assistance and everything remains in the hands of the user who has to move alone to find a solution to the login problems.
In this article, we try to make one guide for Google and Gmail account recovery, and above all, we see all possible solutions to enter the personal account and solve login errors and problems.READ ALSO: How to recover deleted emails in Gmail

How to recover Google account access

Retrieving access to the Google account or Gmail mailbox is not difficult, but it could be due to both problems with the browser in use at that precise moment (perhaps a too restrictive cookie block) and a forgotten password problem. In both cases, solving is simple, just know which menus to check.

Check the browser in use

One of the reasons why you are unable to log in may be due to browser errors; in this case, it will be enough to clear your browser cache and cookies and retry your login. In addition to this method, we can also try with the incognito navigation: if Google is accessible in this mode, it means that the problem is definitely the cookie and the data saved in the browser cache.

Another very effective method to solve this problem involves logging into the Google account with a different browser: in addition to Google Chrome, we can also try Microsoft Edge (integrated into Windows 10) or Mozilla Firefox, which offer a separate cache and cookie management than the browser we use every day.

If that hasn’t solved the problem we can use a different computer or even a mobile phone or smartphone that can surf the internet, so as to isolate the problem on that specific computer in use;

Check the Internet line in use

A Google account is managed in all its options from the web page accessible from Google Account personal page; if this page does not work or does not open, there is probably a problem with the internet line or a firewall is blocking access to the page; in both cases, we can solve it by reading our guides If the connection is there but the websites are not loading and the downloads are stopped is Activate the Windows 10 Firewall: configuration guide and reset it.

Connection problems are usually also due to temporary factors that cannot be handled by the user, for example, it has happened in the past that Gmail has gone offline. To be safe, always check if a site is offline and unreachable for everyone or it’s just our problem.

Access data recovery

Clearly, if Google shows no problems and, by typing your username and password, you can’t log into Gmail or even log into your Google account and on any other service, there is an error to be resolved. The causes of a Google and Gmail login problem can be:

  • Username is not accepted or it is considered non-existent.
  • The password is incorrect or we don’t remember it anymore.
  • An account is blocked (sometimes the warning says that the account does not exist but that username cannot be used by anyone else)

If you have come to this page because you are looking for a solution to the login problem in Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, or any other Google service, you have probably understood that this kind of problem is very common and not so rare. There are many requests for help in the forums for blocked, hacked, deleted accounts for violation of the terms of service or for other reasons.

The most common mistake is that the username or password entered is incorrect; this is really a frequent and human error because you can be 100% sure of the accuracy of the data and then realize that it wasn’t. So before you panic, let’s make sure you’re not getting your password or username wrong. As written in a previous post, it can recover an email account even if it is compromised via the secondary email address registered on Gmail or the phone number.

To retrieve the username we need to open the page of username recovery while for Google and Gmail password recovery we can follow the recovery wizard.
Please note that the username is in most cases an email address and that all Gmail accounts can use email addresses as usernames. You can then do the password reset and reset it from scratch to log back in from the Google homepage.

Google account reset

For the Google and Gmail account reset it is important that you have the following recovery data:

  • recovery email address
  • recovery cell phone number

However, the recovery procedure will ask you to answer a few questions to make sure that the person making the request is the true owner of the account. Some of the questions we can get are:

  • The last password you remember
  • Verification code via text message to the secondary email address or personal phone number
  • Confirm the phone number provided
  • Who was my favorite comic book hero?
  • When did you create this Google account?
  • What’s your father’s middle name?
  • Get a verification code from the Google Authenticator app
  • Enter one of the backup codes you received from Google

If we have set theGoogle login and Gmail login with two-step verification we have been very foresighted, since it is the fastest and most practical way to restore a Google account whose password we do not remember. The second secure method involves asking for and marking the backup codes, which are fixed codes useful for regaining access to the account even without a mobile phone.

If we suspect that someone else has made unauthorized access to your Google account or your Gmail inbox, you need to reset and change your password immediately using the recovery form.
If we don’t have a secondary recovery address or a valid phone number or if the hacker has changed the password recovery email address, there will be no possibility to reset so you have to activate a different procedure by filling in the following form answering the questions (in Italian) and specifying if you are using Gmail or Blogger. Among the questions, you are also asked to provide the addresses of five users registered in the contact book, the date the account was created, or the date of the last successful login.

If after all the completed forms still failed to recover the account, there are different ways of contacting Google, including that of asking for direct assistance with human contact. We can also contact Google by writing a message on the Gmail official forum.


If the problem concerns the browser or the Internet line, just change the device or navigation app to get everything back to normal; if, on the other hand, the problem concerns a password that we do not remember, we can restore it quickly using the recovery form and some security steps (the fastest are two-factor authentication, the code with Google Authenticator and recovery via SMS or email from a second email account). If, on the other hand, we do not remember the username, just remember the Gmail e-mail address to be able to turn on the account or try to recover the password (obviously if we are the legitimate owners!)

If we are concerned that our accounts have been compromised or are likely to be compromised soon, we suggest you read our guides Change password of compromised accounts: how to do it is Check if the accounts with email and password have been stolen.


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