Google, here is Gameface: the project to control the mouse with your face

Google, here is Gameface: the project to control the mouse with your face

On the occasion of Google I/O 2024which ended just a few hours ago, the company presented a new and interesting project called Project Gameface. It is a system that replaces the mouse with controls managed through it facial expressions.

Google made the code available, through an approach open sourceto all developers Android who intend to work on the same. But how does Gameface behave on a practical level?

According to what was stated, it will be possible for developers to combine certain pointer behaviors with facial movements. For example, the opening of the mouth could be interpreted as an input to move the mouse, or a raising of the eyebrows could be translated into a click.

As you can easily imagine, this system will be based on the use of a camera, accompanied by a database of facial expressions. Finally the API will be used Face Landmarks Detection Of MediaPipe to translate everything into sensor movements.

With Gameface it will be possible to emulate a mouse click by raising an eyebrow

As it is easy to imagine, Gameface represents a small revolution in the context of users with serious disabilities.

It is no coincidence that the project was inspired by a well-known gamer and content creator, namely Lance Carraffected by muscular dystrophy. The streamer himself has in fact collaborated with Google to create the project.

At present, in fact, systems such as Neuralink they are not yet accessible to everyone. Gameface instead aims to create alternative control systems which, at the same time, allow those with motor problems not only to use a PC but even play with it.

The Mountain View company explained how developers will be able to create customized applications, creating and combining different facial expressions, creating specific systems capable of satisfying any type of user.

The announcement of Project Gameface was one of the many new features presented at Google I/O 2024 and, in this regard, we have proposed a brief summary of the most important new features of the event.

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