Google improves the conversation with Gemini and prepares other news

Google improves the conversation with Gemini and prepares other news

A few days since Bard has been officially renamed Gemini and the related launch of an app Android specific, Google has intervened by improving its virtual assistant. As expected given the complexity of the application, however, users are reporting the first small problems.

For example, to converse with Gemini it is necessary physically touch the appropriate button to send the command or question. All of this is somewhat limiting, given that it takes up the user’s hands.

As reported by 9to5Googlethe Mountain View company has intervened on the app which, in fact, will be able to realize when the user has stopped speaking independently, a bit like what happens with Google Assistant. All of this should make the app much more intuitive than in recent days.

This news, however, could only be the appetizer of what Google has in store for the near future.

Improved conversation with Gemini and more: here are the next new features of the app

Gemini team member Jack Krawczyk wanted to tease users by publishing a series of features that company staff are working on.

Among the features there appears to be the ability to interact with Google Calendar inserting reminders.

Apparently there is also a coding interpretermeaning that Gemini would just not be able to produce programming code, but also to simulate its operation. All within the same app. Additionally, the Gemini team is working to remove some of the “preachy guardrails” currently present on the bot. In fact, work is being done on reducing cases of AI refusing to answer a question.

Finally, Krawczyk stated that in the coming days and weeks the new app will be available in an ever-increasing number of territories and how the feedback of users is valuable to the team’s work.​

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