Google makes the Gmail app available in Wear OS

Google launched an app in recent days Gmail per Wear OS.

This will allow, whoever wears one smartwatch with this operating system, you can view your email inbox and manage messages directly from your device.

As reported by 9to5the software should guarantee ample room for maneuver by the user, with areading experience of emails specifically designed to offer the best display limited in size. In this sense, the interface seems to have been designed precisely to provide easy interaction, even on the few inches available.

Gmail app on Wear OS: great news for smartwatch owners

In a context like that of Wear OS, this introduction is in some ways revolutionary. Previously, those who owned devices with this operating system could receive push notifications of Gmail, as with all other apps, but with almost no further freedom of action.

There were almost no interactions, given that it was impossible to reply to or delete the messages received (it was only possible to archive them). The new app works on Wear OS 3 o Wear OS 4making it usable on different smartwatch models, and is currently available for download on the Play Store.

This is just the latest of many recent news regarding Gmail. For example, just a few days ago, the farewell to HTML visualization for the beginning of next year was made official. For owners of a Gmail account that has not been used for some time, it is worth remembering that Google is implementing a policy that provides for the deletion of disused accounts.


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