Google has announced a nice initiative to celebrate 15 years of Street View, with the experience of Google Maps benefiting also from the arrival, now also for Italian users, of indications relating to the price of fuel.
Google Maps: in Italy the price of fuel, Street view with historical photos

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Google Maps is one of the most used services by Big G, with millions of users who use it every day to design navigation from point A to point B: in the past few hours, Mountain View has also implemented a awaiting news that will help to better plan one’s movements and, at the same time, in celebrating the 15 years of Street View, has announced several improvements also for this experiential level of the Maps platform.

Starting from the most practical novelty, after this improvement had already made its debut in some markets about 15 months ago, the function that allows, for each service station, to ascertain which ones prices apply for fuel. To take advantage of the novelty, already widespread on Android and iOS today, just touch a service station on the map and, in the tab that will open, the prices for the various types of fuel will be listed (petrol, lpg, methane, diesel ) and those associated with the various octane of unleaded petrol (SP95 / SP98 / SP100).

The same info will also be obtained by performing a direct search for a petrol station, or using the ad hoc filter at the top, which allows you to view all the petrol stations, now with relative prices, also revealed at a glance, nearby. of your position.

Google intends to celebrate 15 years of activity of the Street View level of Maps, which users are solid to use to know a place before going there physically, but which is also used internally by Big G itself to update, together with AI, the data of the various places, integrating for example the presence of new commercial activities in a particular street. Specifically, the hi-tech giant has announced that from next year it will use a more easily transportable (6.8 kg) camera for the immersive filming necessary for Street View which, being able to be mounted on several different vehicles, will allow it to cover more places, and to update them more frequently: this device, which in its shape resembles the Disney Wall-E, will always ensure 140 megapixel photos, even if its 7 sensors will have a lower signal-to-noise ratio, and can be combined, modularly, as needed, with a LIDAR depth radar.

Also bringing to smartphones something that was already possible on the web side since 2014, Street View for iOS and Android now allows you to make small trips in time to see how a given place has changed over the years. To use this function, just view a given place in Street View mode, touch the photo anywhere and, on the page with the details of the location that will emerge, choose the item “See other dates”, which will allow you to look at the evolution of a place, via annual time capsules, back to 2007, the launch date of Street View.


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