Google Maps, the update to reach points of interest more easily

Google Maps, the update to reach points of interest more easily

Google is working hard to introduce artificial intelligence into all its platforms and products. The latest experiment concerning this area is allowing the giant to significantly improve the integration of Google Maps. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, users will be able to find the points of interest in a much simpler way.

In fact, just yesterday Google officially announced that it will soon introduce a new way to help users find the places they want, using Maps. According to the American giant, this functionality will see its basis in LLM of the company, so as to analyze information on over 250 million places and insights provided by the community. One of the new features will be to be able to take advantage of the various suggestions regarding possible places to visit in a particular area.

Google Maps improves: points of interest will be easier to locate

It was no secret that the implementation of artificial intelligence would significantly improve Google Maps. An example provided regarding the upcoming update concerns finding things to do perhaps during a gloomy day. In fact, the user can try typing the phrase “activity for a rainy day” in the bar: this will provide useful advice for carrying out indoor activities. Google will then indicate shows, cinemas and much more.

Furthermore, Google Maps, again with the help of artificial intelligence, will take into account the requests precedents. For example, if a user has chosen to visit a place of a certain genre, he will be offered different ones afterwards, trying to meet his needs.

All the results that come out of the Maps search will be organized into very specific categories. In fact, there will be galleries of Photo and summary information about certain locations. At the moment there isn’t too much information on the arrival of the feature in Europe, but apparently it should be launched exclusively for the United States this week.

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