Google Maps uses AI to help electric car owners charge

Google Maps uses AI to help electric car owners charge

An upcoming update for Google Maps will make this app almost indispensable for any owner of electric car. Through a new function, based onArtificial intelligencethe well-known application will be able to facilitate the charging of such vehicles.

As stated by Google, if a user tells the software that he is using an electric car, he will be able to obtain valuable information about it location of charging stationsas well as data regarding thevehicle autonomy. According to the note from the Mountain View company, the use of electric cars is constantly increasing and this implementation on Google Maps should make life significantly easier for those who have chosen this type of vehicle.

According to what reported by Google, this new feature will be available, free of charge, in the coming months. In this sense, it must be taken into account that the vehicles compatible with this system will be some models Volvo e Polestarand then a more massive diffusion in the context of electric vehicles.

Google Maps will help electric car owners estimate their vehicles’ range and find charging stations

The Google Maps update will allow users to have a review system for charging stations, with the AI ​​busy providing information on how to reach less visible locations, complete with navigator-style instructions. Google will then ask the user about the experience with the individual station, with relevant data waiting time ed charging outcomeand then provide them to other users.

According to Google, some vehicles will have a specific version of Maps, with the software integrated into them sistemi infotainment, allowing the app to accurately assess the car’s charging status. For vehicles that do not feature Google-based infotainment systems, the company still plans to offer alternative solutions with specific versions of the app.

This is not the only interesting update proposed by Google Maps in recent times. In fact, just a few weeks ago, a new system for organizing trips was announced.

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