Google Maps will help users avoid getting on the wrong train

With great care, Google is providing updates for all its applications that include new aspects. The aim is to improve the user experience, especially regarding some platforms among which the name stands out Google Maps.

Ahead of the holiday season, the company is preparing to launch new opportunities for those who use the navigation application. The new changes coming soon will help users get around and plan trips together.

Just yesterday Google announced three new features which will soon arrive on Maps for both Android and iOS. The first of these concerns an update regarding driving directions which should help users in their relationship with i trains.

Google Maps improves, update helps users with trains

We’ve all had the experience of getting on the wrong train or getting off at the wrong stop at least once. To prevent this from happening, Google has come up with a new update for its Maps application.

The most downloaded navigation solution in the world will provide information regarding timetables public transportthe duration of the trip and the number of transfers, so you can easily see the best route and your destination.

There will be gods filters to choose which type of transport to take but, as anticipated, the big news will concern trains. First of all, you will be able to know what the entrances and exits of the stations will be, but you will also be able to understand in real time which stop to get off at and which train to take.

Maps will also include some collaborative lists, with the possibility of creating a group in which everyone can add suggestions on places to visit. Everyone will be able to vote on their favorite place to reach together.

The update should arrive soon for everyone, with the news on trains that should concern further 80 cities in Europe and the USA.


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