Google Maps will notify users of the entrances to the buildings

Google Maps will notify users of the entrances to the buildings

The use of Google Maps It now concerns almost all users in the world, as this navigation application is fundamental in the car, on a motorbike, on public transport or on foot. The Mountain View company is very keen on constantly improving its creature, introducing improvements that serve to increase its precision and possibilities. However, very often users find themselves in difficulty enter a building once we reached our destination, a sore point reported by many. Apparently, however, Google Maps could have a function that will help you understand where to enter and where to exit.

Spotted for the first time by some very reliable sources, there would be an update in the pipeline. It seems that Google is in fact testing a new feature in the Maps app that shows the input positions of buildings. According to rumors, the testing phase is running within version 11.17.0101 and appears to be available only to select users at the moment.

Google Maps will make entering buildings easier with the new update

In case you are among the lucky ones to have received the opportunity to test the new Google Maps update, it is really simple to understand where to enter once you reach a building. The locations of the entrances are displayed after enlarging the map enough and after selected a building.

These inputs are marked with a white circle with a login icon or a simple one green Arrow. It is currently unclear whether there are any differences in the way the two symbols are used. Additionally, when a building is selected, it turns red, making it easier for users to separate it from its surroundings.

Apparently, however, the functionality is not perfect at the moment and therefore requires a more in-depth testing phase.

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