Google may eliminate video calls on the Nest Hub Max

One of the main features of the smart home foreseen by the Google Nest Hub Max it is certainly that of video calls. During the month of July, the official announcement regarding the company’s desire to eliminate one of the most used supports arrived.

Analysts discovered early on that the popular smart display would no longer support calls Zoom starting at the end of September. However, it appears that the remaining video calling service may soon be phased out permanently as well.

Several users on the web have reported some notifications regarding the removal of Google Meet from the Nest Hub Max. After support for Zoom ceases permanently, Meet will remain the only video chat service active on the device. It therefore seems easy to understand that if this too were to leave Google Nest Hub Max, no one will anymore be able to make video calls.

Google removes the ability to make video calls from users with Nest Hub Max

On the one hand, it must be considered that this product, the Nest Hub Max, was launched a few years ago. With the arrival of the Pixel tablet, the company is probably trying to reduce the useful costs for support, starting with the most obsolete hardware and investing in new hardware.

All this could work when the company’s famous tablet replaces the Nest Hub Max, but this won’t happen.

If Google were to permanently eliminate the ability to make video calls from the smart display, the front camera wouldn’t make much sense. In fact, only three utilities would remain, namely the one that allows you to send a message simply by looking at the display, play and pause music with gestures and the camera safety.

It is clear that all these are very useful features, but most users bought the device precisely for video calls.


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