Google Meet: Call backgrounds are now AI generated

Another major update coming to Google Meet. The platform for video calls and conference calls proposed by the Big G last June received a new Quick Action menu, designed with the aim of increasing productivity and intuitiveness of the service. Now, however, is the time forintegration of artificial intelligence within the service, but how? Here is the latest feature discovered by a renowned tipster.

Google Meet receives AI: what will it do?

AI comes to Google Meet and to notice it is the founder of Android PoliceArtem Russakovskii, who tweeted about it yesterday, July 18, 2023. As you can see from the post below, artificial intelligence will be used to generate a background to use instead of the natural environment present behind you.

Per avoid showing a messy room or inappropriate environments to professional video calls, Google Meet allows you to generate a from scratch background with a prompt at your discretion, choosing only one preset style from many options, such as Fantasy, 3D, Sci-Fi and Illustration. Just click the preview video effects icon before joining a meeting, type your input, choose any category, and finally select one of the AI-generated proposals.

Google Meet allows you to change the background even during a meeting: the “Apply visual effects” option in the three-dot menu it allows you to test the generation of the background and then apply it live.

At the moment the feature is active only for those who are enrolled in Workspace Labs; therefore, in Europe it is not yet available. In any case, the distribution is gradual and, probably, in the next few months it will also arrive in Europe as a stable tool.


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