Google Meet, new On-The-Go mode to avoid accidents

Regular users of Google Meet they will be happy to know that a new feature is on the way. This is a real turning point for all those who often start video calls in movement. The new mode “On-The-Go” was designed to avoid any kind of accidents during video calls on the street.

Users will therefore be safer with the introduction of the new update, which will act on the Google Meet interface. The latter, especially on mobile devices, is in fact not very intuitive and extremely inclined to lead to sudden distractions, for example while walking down the street.

In fact, there are several cases of users who, during the journey, have reported accidents of different entities, sometimes even becoming the subject of video memes on the web.

How Google Meet’s new On-The-Go mode works

The discovery comes from the Play Store, directly from an identification code of one of the latest versions of Google Meet. The new On-The-Go mode will be able to keep users safe in more situations, with an algorithm capable of detecting the movement.

With the new update, the application understands if the person is walking: it will therefore start immediately the notice to switch to the new mode. On-The-Go can also be turned on manually via an option implemented directly in the call menu.

Google Meet On-The-Go screenshot

The key, as shown in the images above, will have the figure of a pawn. Once the mode is activated, Google Meet will disable the camera in a call, thus interrupting the video with the other connected users.

At that point, everything will be much more intuitive and rapid, given that the interface will include fewer buttons, all essential and large. As rumors report, the user will have the opportunity to see only four buttons on the screen: microphone, raise of hand, audio e handset.

Finally, the user will choose the most appropriate moment to deactivate the On-The-Go mode to return to the traditional interface.


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