Google Messages features you need to know

Google’s Messages app is the application that most users who own a device supported by the Android operating system, especially smartphones, found pre-installed and used to exchange text messages, images and photos, audio, voice and video with other people.

It is an application that is often underestimated, but which over time has undergone a high number of updates and implementations that have enriched with functionality, many of which have remained unknown to most. However, to improve the experience with your smartphone and to find new ways to communicate with your contacts, it is good learn about all the features and possibilities offered by the Messages app Google.

Let’s find out what they are the features and tricks to use Google Messages to its full potential.

Read messages received from the web and program messages to send

Google Messages

Google Messages offers a great opportunity to personalize your user experience, allowing you to adapt it to your needs. It is a complete messaging applicationwhich has features in common with other famous solutions on the market, although it is mainly used for receiving and forwarding SMS.

Can be used on multiple devices simultaneously, including the desktop. To connect your smartphone to your computer and use the latter to send SMS, you need to connect to the page Google Messages for authentication. He will be present here a QR code to frame.

Then launch the Google Messages application and tap your profile picture in the list of conversations, at the top right of the screen. click on Device pairing e scan the codice QR present on the desktop. From this moment it will be possible to view and send messages on the web.

Google Messages can be used from the web. To access this functionality, simply follow a simple and short procedure

To avoid having to perform the same procedure every time you want to log in from the same computer, click on the entry Remember this computerpresent under the QR code.

For organizational reasons and to avoid forgetting, you may need to schedule the sending of messages. Google’s Messages app has a feature that fills this need that’s simple to use. After composing your message, press and hold the send button.

A menu opens with various sending options. Select, if present, the desired date and time or choose Select date and time. Indicate the date and, subsequently, the time on the calendar. Tap on Salva. The recipient will receive the message on the day and time indicated by the user.

React to messages and save favorite messages for easy retrieval

Google Messages

Google Messages it is a dynamic and modern app, which has nothing to envy of other services on the market, such as WhatsApp. Users can apply reactions to messages using emojis. To use this feature, your account must be connected to an Android device.

Adding a reaction is simple. It’s enough press and hold on the desired message and choose from the many emojis available. If the recipient uses the Google Messages app, they will see the reaction directly on the message. If you’re using another application, you’ll see a separate message containing your chosen emoji.

Reactions can be also applied by computer by hovering over a message and clicking Reactions. Select the reaction you want to apply.

Yes they can change your reactionsby holding down the message you reacted to and selecting a new emoji, or remove your own reactionspressing on the message and tapping the highlighted reaction.

If the reactions are not to your liking, can be disabled. Launch the app Settingsclick Additional Settings and Accessibility. Nell’area Vista activate the switch next to the item Remove animations.

For better management of messages and to quickly find those deemed important, specific messages can be saved among those Specials. Launch the Messages app, locate the content you want to save, press and hold on the message and tap the star icon at the top of the screen.

The messages considered most important can be saved in a special section: Starred

Starred messages can be found by clicking the magnifying glass icon (Search messages) present in the app at the top of the screen and by tapping on Specials.

At any time you can remove messages from the Starred section by holding down the content and clicking on the star icon again.

Send your location and block contacts deemed unsafe

Google Messages

Providing directions can be very complicated, but thanks to a Google Messages function it is possible show your position to the desired contacts. To send it, launch the app and start writing a text message. Tap the (+) button and select Position. If necessary, give the app permission to access your device’s location.

It is automatically inserted into the message a link of Google Maps, which the recipient can use to receive extremely precise driving directions. Once finished, forward the message.

Google Messages can be used without fear for your security, since all messages deemed dangerous, scam attempts and Spam are automatically reported. The user can then decide to block and report conversations.

To block a conversation, open the relevant chat, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and click on Block and report spam.

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