Google Messages, new wallpapers for chats and profiles are arriving

Google offers a wide range of applications, products and services, which means that the effort to ensure every benefit must be truly enormous. When it comes to the most important applications, such as Messagesthe company knows that a lot of attention needs to be paid to the user interface.

The latter is in fact fundamental to ensuring that people use the platform on a recurring basis. In fact, there is a lot of competition and every update, even if minimal, could be useful in gaining a good portion of the audience.

In the last few hours there has been insistent talk about a new update, which would have been designed by Google to modify some aspects relating to personalisation.

Google Messages updates, wallpapers for chats and profiles arrive

Google Messages wallpapers update

As some leakers on the web have noticed, there would be very clear signs regarding a new testing phase started by Google for its Messages application. It seems that the giant has decided to start testing the wallpapers and new color options for chat.

Users may soon have the ability to customize the appearance of the application based on their preferences. All this despite the classic dynamic theming of the Material You interface which occurs automatically. Simply put, users may have the option to change the chat backgroundchanging its color.

Google messages profiles update

Another change would concern profiles, which should be introduced to allow the user to be more easily discoverable on the platform. You will be able to upload profile pictures and even change your name. At the moment, however, all this seems to be just a test, given that there are no official confirmations from Google.

The goal is to make the Messages platform increasingly performing so as to be able to compete with the big giants. The process will obviously be complicated but the company doesn’t seem to want to give up.


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