Google Messages updates: here is Markdown formatting

More users were impressed by the great innovations that Google has implemented on board its applications. Each platform has reported new updates in the last period and, at least until 2023 ends, everything seems to continue.

Among the applications that have seen the most changes, there is certainly Google Messages, special suspect to receive new updates soon. As some sources very close to the American giant let know, a new feature should arrive shortly, namely the Markdown formatting.

For those who aren’t aware, Markdown is a markup language that has simple text syntax designed to be converted easily into other formats with a tool of the same name. An example is the HTML format. Very often Markdown formatting is used to format Readme files: this way you can write messages in forums for discussions.

Google Messages brings Markdown formatting to its users

Long story short, users who often use Google’s default messaging application will have an opportunity that other apps already have. Even within Messages you can use the Boldil italics, strikethrough and other very common formats. All this using simple punctuation marks.

Certainly one of the main advantages of using Markdown formatting is to make texts much more visually pleasing. It will also be much easier to emphasize important points within your messages. For example, just use two asterisks to make that text bold.

However, the source makes it known that at least for the moment not all elements of the formatting work. Lists, tables and quotes are not supported, but there may most likely be updates in the future.

The new feature is currently available only and exclusively within the version beta of Google Messages, obviously reserved for developers.


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