Google Messages will not allow screen sharing

The great attention that Google is putting in the update of its main platforms, it is there for all to see. Users know very well that they can deal every day with apps updated with the main, most popular features of the moment.

This time it was the turn of Google Messages, a platform within which a new security feature is being tested. This would have the task of preventing users from accessing the application when it is detected screen sharing active.

All this will be useful to prevent scammers from being able to snoop into private conversations and security codes. However, many people fear that this function could backfire on users who instead want to make transparent and legitimate use of it.

Google Messages will block its opening if you are actively sharing your screen

The new feature that Google is experimenting within its application dedicated to messages will be emblematic. The application will appear automatically blocked when an ongoing screen sharing session is detected.

This security measure could be useful in protecting many sensitive information which could be shown to malicious people of all kinds. There is a clear example where a scammer could pretend to be a customer service representative by asking the user to share their screen to help them solve a problem.

Once the “thief” gains access to the user’s screen, they could steal their personal information such as passwords, two-step verification codes, or credit card numbers.

Obviously this is a method that Google wants to use to protect especially those who do not notice such situations. Accidentally revealing this information is very common and this is why the giant wants to use every solution in its possession to avoid it. At least for the moment this innovation is available for a small number of users, but will soon be released for everyone.


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