Google, Meta and Microsoft on the App Defense Alliance steering committee

The three technological giants Google, Microsoft e Meta have officially announced their collaboration to jointly establish the steering committee ofApp Defense Alliance.

The project in question, an integral part of Linux Fondation, is undergoing restructuring and is expanding to propose new standards regarding IT security. The App Defense Alliance was created in 2019 by Google, with the aim of making Google Play Store a safer environment than malware and other dangers, becoming a point of reference for the sector cybersecurity.

Given the growing number of threats, the platform has gradually expanded its scope and, in the near future, will therefore be able to count on the concrete collaboration of Meta and Microsoft.

App Defense Alliance: Google is joined by two other giants such as Meta and Google

She also expressed herself about the new synergy that is being created Jenny Halldirector of the Reality Labs Trust of Meta “Successful app ecosystems depend on trust. The App Defense Alliance will help our industry work with community members to establish open standards that help protect people and their data. This is a huge opportunity for stakeholders with different perspectives to work together in the interest of providing greater security and trust to those who use apps regardless of ecosystem“.

On the other hand, despite the numerous initiatives carried out to protect Google Play (and beyond), cybercriminals always seem to find new techniques to claim victims.

The expansion of the App Defense Alliance’s activities, as well as regulations for safer AI apps, are some of the main steps taken by the Mountain View giant to make the Internet a safer place.


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