Google One reaches the milestone of 100 million subscribers

Google One reaches the milestone of 100 million subscribers

The announcement came directly from Sundar PichaiCEO of Google: the service of Google One has reached altitude 100 million subscriptions.

We’re talking about one all-in-one platform, which provides users with additional storage space that can be used with other services provided by the Mountain View company, such as Gmail e Driveas well as other interesting features.

Going beyond the number, this achievement rewards Google’s intention in pushing users towards the paid plan, with even more convincing results compared to the albeit excellent YouTube Premium. The latter, in fact, also reached 100 million members about ten days ago, however taking 9 years of activity to achieve this prestigious objective.

In the past the company had declared that it was close to this goal, as highlighted by the report regarding the fourth quarter 2023 earnings.

Google One, with the AI ​​Premium subscription, the prestigious finish line has been reached

Precisely on this last occasion, Google announced a new plan, named AI Premium.

This is a new subscription formula, which includes 2 TB of storage and other features like VPN and monitoring of Dark Webwhich however goes even further, also thanks to the massive integration of Artificial Intelligence.

In this case, in fact, users are also offered access to an enhanced version of Geminithe new name of its chatbot Bardwith an integration of generative AI that is increasingly functional compared to tools such as Gmail e Docs. All in addition to what is offered with existing subscriptions.

Google One debuted in Europe way back in 2018 and, given the relationship between cost and services offered, it has attracted a large number of customers in our country too. Much of this success is also linked to the fact that it is possible to share the service with 5 other peoplemaking the platform usable by both families and small work teams.

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