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Google Phone, 5 useful features for Android

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, it’s easy to overlook something as simple but crucial as the Phone app. There most Android users settles for the default one without thinking twice.

However, Google Phone, technically recognized as “Phone by Google”, offers not one but five compelling reasons to break the habit and start using it. Present by default on Pixel series phones, it is possible install the app from the Google Play Store on many other Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones.

Here are five compelling arguments for go to the Google Phone app.

  • 1. Turn your smartphone over to silence calls

    Some of you may remember the days of slamming down the phone to hang up a call. A very satisfying gesture that cannot be physically reproduced today. However, the Google Phone app allows you to relive that nostalgic feeling with a touch of modernity.

    Just turn your phone over and put it down on a flat surface with the screen facing down to instantly silence incoming calls. On Pixel phones, this gesture activates “Do Not Disturb” mode, while other compatible devices simply mute the ringtone. It’s a useful feature, and while it’s available on phone apps from several manufacturers, not all of them have it.

    To use this command, you need to launch the app “Google Phone” and tap the “Other” (the one with the three dots at the top right). To select “Settings“. Then scroll down and into the “Advance” press on the item “Shhh mode” or “Silent mode”. At this point, all that remains is to activate the switch.

  • 2. How to fight spam and robocalls with Google Phone

    Spam and robocalls are some of the most annoying side effects of always having your phone in your pocket. Google works with businesses to verify the identity of the caller and show the reason for the call.

    Even if you don’t have a number saved in your contacts, the Google Phone app can reveal the caller’s name, making it easier to identify legitimate calls. Furthermore, it can automatically block suspicious calls the spam.

    Once the Google Phone app is open, go to “Other” and then “Settings“. Tap on “Caller ID and spam” and move the toggle to on “View caller ID and spam“. So Google will attempt to show useful information about who is calling if the number is not in your contact list, and will alert you when it suspects a call is spam.

    Sui Google Pixelin the “Settings” there will be the option “Spam and call filter“. Make sure the “View caller ID and spam” is activated. Tap on “Call filter“. Then, choose “Filter automatically” and tap “Protection level” to tell the Google Assistant which calls to filter and reject by choosing between three levels of protection:

    • Massimo: Filter unknown callers and reject spam
    • Half: Screen suspicious calls and reject spam
    • Base: Reject only known spam

    What Google Assistant does is answer the call and inform you who is calling and why. If he determines that the call is prerecorded or unwanted, he hangs up the phone. If the call is not pre-recorded or unwanted, the phone rings and shows the caller’s answer. In real time, the user can read the transcript of the contents exchanged with the interlocutor and choose whether to interrupt the call or intervene to speak.

  • 3. Customize search results

    Being a Google product, the Phone app incorporates robust search capabilities. A very respectable characteristic is that of the “Personalized search results“. By enabling this option in your Google Phone settings, the app retrieve search history from your account Google, making previous search results available within the Phone app. These results will appear when you perform similar searches in the Phone app.

    To enable the function, you need to go to Settings > Nearby Places and turn on the “Custom search results” switch.

  • 4. On Google Phone you can quickly find nearby places

    When you’re looking for a store or service, the Google Phone app automatically detects your location and presents contact details of nearby businesses, eliminating the need to open Google Maps.

    To enable this feature, always go to Settings > Nearby Places and move the dedicated toggle to on. Also, make sure to enable location permission.

  • 5. How to find out who is calling without looking

    While smartphones make it easier to see who’s calling, the Google Phone app takes it a step further with the “Caller ID announcement” which allows the phone to announce the caller loudly. A valuable tool when you can’t look at your smartphone screen.

    Give her “Settings” of Google Phone scroll down and select “Caller ID announcement“. At this point, a pop-up will open offering three choices for when the caller ID will be announced:

    • Always: The caller will be announced loudly whenever you receive a call
    • Only when headphones are in use: The caller will be announced only when using earphones
    • May: The caller will never be announced

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