Google Photos: a convenient restyling of the Library menu UI in roll-out

In the past few hours, Google has started the roll-out, via remote server activation, of the Google Photos application which, now, has a more convenient interface in providing the main options of the Library.
Google Photos: a convenient restyling of the Library menu UI in roll-out

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Together with Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube, Photos is probably the most watched application by Google, since, in addition to organizing photos on site, it allows them to be backed up to your free cloud, offering various services, such as sorting of prints. , and the creation of creative content (eg collages). This software platform has just been worthy of a new restyling.

The new aesthetic makeover, which came after the revision at the beginning of the year granted to the app Library and the Sharing tab, and following the most recent option to delete content directly from the albums, has been spotted, by the editors of 9to5google in version 5.96 , where it is still not widespread. The roll-out, evidently implemented through a cycle of activations from a remote server, does not seem to have reached the 5.97 release of Google Photos yet.

Basically, the old layout provided that, by touching a photo or a video in the Library, you had 4 options at the top, represented by Share, Add to, Delete, Sort photo: by acting on the 3 dots next to it, a context menu with other options while, by scrolling up, you got the suggestion of the contacts with whom to share a content, a map of the place relative to where the content was created, in addition to the suggestion, revealed even in the case of multiple selections, of the albums to which you can add the selected content, in the form of photos or videos.

With the revised layout object of the roll-out, the operating scheme illustrated above, not very comfortable (with the options difficult to reach by holding the device with one hand) in modern smartphones with an always elongated display, is revised, providing options, even in greater numbers, at your fingertips.

This happens, for example by selecting a photo, with a pop-up that appears at the bottom. Within it, there are the options to share, delete, add to (also to create animations), which are flanked by those to place the content in the locked folder, to delete it from the device, sort the prints, back it up, archive it, modify it the position. With the new layout, by operating the extension by dragging upwards, you will also get the preview of the albums (to choose which to add what is selected), the indication of recent contacts or groups to which you can share the content , and the info on the position of realization of the content.


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