Google Photos now automatically backs up RAW photos to the cloud

2023 is moving towards its final part, but the changes that Google wants to bring to its large array of applications are not finished. In fact, according to recent reports, a new change has been implemented to the application Photo.

There are many users who use this resource on both Android and iOS and this is why the Mountain View company is particularly interested in it. In line with the possibilities of the new top of the range and with the many requests from the public, Google would have changed the way in which the application manages photo files in format RAW.

In fact, there are currently many smartphones that have the ability to capture images of this magnitude. Remember that photos taken in RAW format are able to contain much more information than simple JPEG ones. This allows for truly exceptional work to be achieved in post-production, offering experts, above all, more possibilities.

As noted over the last few hours by some very reliable sources, it seems that Google Photos has added the ability to take photos backup of default RAW images on Android.

Google Photos, finally the automatic and default backup of RAW images

All Android smartphones that have enabled the RAW format in the Camera app will soon be able to enjoy something new. In fact, Google will allow the backup automatic as the default for RAW format images.

Many were waiting for this news, but it could also be a strong limitation as there are significantly more files of this size heavy. They would have been the new ones Pixel 8 to showcase this innovation, with some images acquired in RAW that would automatically appear in the Google Photos grid with a badge explicitly marking them.

All this, at least for the moment, seems to only happen with the new images taken. In fact, the function will not recover old photos taken previously.


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