Google Photos now creates videos for you, it's all very simple

There is great attention on the part of Google lately in wanting to better develop its mobile platforms. In fact, all the applications belonging to the Mountain View giant have been able to obtain several interesting updates for months.

An example is Google Photo, an application that is slowly being renewed more and more. Just during the last few hours, a new tool has arrived that can help users easily create a video using artificial intelligence. This feature allows you to choose the activities, places and people you want to include in your movie, automatically creating work that will be highlighted without having to edit anything manually.

The function is called Highlight Video and it was created precisely to provide a general summary of, for example, a holiday, an event or a simple hobby that users cultivate.

Google Photos launches Highlight Video, the new way to generate videos with AI

To allow Google Photos to start this process there are a few steps to follow. Once the application is open, you will need to select the icon at the top of the gallery by choosing the Highlight Video function. Via the function of research embedded within Photos, users can begin selecting the elements needed to create their movie.

The application will then use artificial intelligence to choose all the best photos and clips to synchronize within the video with a piece of musiccombining everything in the best possible way.

To give a further touch of customization, you can cut or reposition each clip that Google Photos has chosen. The background music can also be replaced with a song of your choice.

At least for the moment it seems that not everyone has received the new update. According to what has been reported, however, it is in the release phase and there would already be someone who would have had the opportunity to use it.


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