Google Photos opens the door to other cloud services

Google Photos opens the door to other cloud services

One of the Mountain View company’s most successful apps is certainly Google Photo, a tool that not only plays the role of a super-powered “photo gallery” for all mobile devices but offers an effective organization and search mechanism. Using the Facial recognition and artificial intelligence, for example, Google Photos allows you to identify precisely that photo that you could no longer find. Just write a person’s name or describe the content of the image to find what you are looking for in the blink of an eye.

The highlight of Google Photos, however, is its ability to backup: users with a free account have access to 15 GB of space cloud to automatically create backup copies of photos and videos on the Mountain View company’s servers. For those with more important storage needs, there is always the possibility of joining one of the Google One paid plans.

In another article we presented all the secrets of Google Photos for managing your archives and creating backups, from smartphones, tablets and computers.

Google Photos as a unified control panel for all cloud services that store images and videos

Until today, we were saying, Google Photos has proposed itself as a “classifier” and, at the same time, a backup tool for the multimedia contents present on the local device and on the other devices under its control (terminals where the same account Google). Thanks to Google Photos, images and videos can be synchronized and made accessible from multiple different devices, all belonging to the same user.

The news is that Google Photos wants to eliminate the need for the user to switch between applications photo backup to another, from one service to another. With the February 2024 update of Android 12 and subsequent, Google Photos becomes interoperable with other cloud platforms, becoming able to directly access their respective photo archives.

Not only. If the third-party service manages album or integrate the concept of “favorites” for photo and video content, the same objects will also appear in the same way in the Google Photos application interface.

Google Photos integration with third-party cloud services

Integration with cloud storage services is open to everyone

Google explains that the application automatically chooses, when possible, compatible cloud platforms and offers the user the possibility of accessing the respective resources stored online. However, thanks to the availability of appropriate API (Application Programming Interface), any application developed by third parties can join the Google Photos pilot program and appear in its interface.

Once a third-party cloud storage service has been set up on Google Photos, this will be integrated in a transparent manner, without any “friction” according to the technicians of the US multinational.

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