Google Photos: Photos deleted from album and overlay with full date

Recently, Google tried a new update for its popular Google Photos service, which received both a way to delete photos directly from albums, and a more practical way to locate the contents of a specific date.
Google Photos: Photos deleted from album and overlay with full date

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After the maxi spring update last March, Google has destined another substantial round of news for its Photo multimedia organization service which, now, is going to fill some annoying previous gaps, responding to the evident needs of users of modern smartphones, more and more you use to make use of it to create visual content that they then love to find again with a certain ease.

The first novelty, for a few days in implementation on Android and iOS, remedies the fact that, previously, to find a given content, it was necessary to hold down and scroll down the scroll bar, until you find the desired month and year. With the implementation in progress, scrolling through the photos and videos in the main feed, the timing indication (today, yesterday or, if earlier, the complete date) will appear in the top left, under which there will also be the location indication.

Another novelty arriving on Android, since it is already present on Google Photos for iOS and the web, is the one, found by the founder of Android Police, Artem Russakovskii, which will allow you to delete a photo directly from the album: previously, it was possible to remove the photo from the album but, to delete it, it was then necessary to proceed to a further step, which consisted of looking for it in the main feed, among the others present there, and proceeding with the relative deleting.

Now, however, with the improvement just announced by the Mountain View giant, scrolling up on the photo opens an information page and, in the command bar, the last option is the item “Move to trash“.

The problem with the novelty in question is that, for now, it only affects private albums. As known, Google, however, also provides the ability to share entire albums with your contacts: in the case of a shared album, this improvement will not work. Specifically, the user will still have to proceed in the old way, and – therefore – first remove the photo from the shared album and, then, look for it in the mare magnum of the main feed, and then proceed to delete it manually.


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