Google Photos will suggest reminders to add to your calendar

There are many new features that Google has introduced lately, especially regarding its platforms. One of these is obviously Google Photo which in itself could do many things, offering more possibilities to the public. Backing up your photos online or perhaps using exclusive features including those linked to artificial intelligence represented and still represent real pluses of the platform.

However, it seems that the application dedicated to managing photos from the Mountain View giant is ready to receive a new one update. Directly from the app it will be possible to set a memorandum. Some code strings relating to this functionality had already been identified within the Google Photos beta. Now the feature has been officially activated.

Google Photos will allow you to set reminders directly from the gallery

Users will soon be able to set reminders directly using the Google Photos application. The images will in fact show a connection specific, which can be touched specifically to set a quick reminder.

Once this is done, everything will be transported inside Google Calendar, integrating the two platforms in a great way. According to what has been reported, however, the new functionality will not concern every shot, but only certain snapshots.

Google Photos reminder google calendar

In fact, they will be equipped with the new button useful for setting a reminder only for photos of receipts, documents or other information. If you need to take a photo of an identity card or a date, the button useful for setting the reminder will automatically appear. Clearly artificial intelligence will play a key role in all of this.

The feature coming to everyone will be particularly useful to avoid missing a deadline or an appointment. All forgetful people will therefore have a new way to avoid forgetting important situations, but it will have to wait. At the moment the functionality is only available in some beta versions but we will know more very soon.


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