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Google Pixel 8, big news coming for the display

There are still several months left for the new one to come out Google Pixel 8 but, according to a well-informed source, Big G would be working on many hardware upgrades.

The rumors point to the display which should receive a a significant update compared to the previous ones Pixel 7 e Pixel 7 Pro launched last year.

Here’s what we know about it.

Google Pixel 8, the news on the display

To share the indiscretion on the new display was Kamila Wojciechowska Of Android Authority, who stated that the Google Pixel 8 will have a refresh rate fino a 120Hzagainst the 90Hz seen on the Pixel 7.

The same goes also for Pixel 8 Proma, again according to the indiscretion, both of the new smartphones from Big G will have a wider range of refresh rates, which should also improve the battery life.

Also there brightness should get a massive upgrade going all the way up to 1,400 nits per Pixel 8 and up to 1,600 nit per Pixel 8 Pro.

However, it also appears that the displays will be smaller than in the past with Pixel 8 which will be reduced to 6.17 inches (keeping the same resolution of 2,400×1,800 pixels) e Pixel 8 Pro which should be 6.70 inches (with a resolution of 2,992 x 1,344 pixels).

In addition to this, some previous rumors have indicated that Google is buying different panels for upcoming displays which should have i curved edges and they should ensure a wider viewing angle compared to the previous model.

Google Pixel 8, the other specifications of the next Google smartphone

In addition to the novelties on the display, it also seems that the company is also working on the photographic sector of the upcoming Google Pixel 8.

The indiscretion was always shared by Android Authority who anticipated that Big G will opt for a new main sensor: the Samsung ISOCELL GN2.

As well known, this novelty will bring many benefits in terms of the quality of the shots that should be even brighter in any lighting condition.

It also updates the ultra wide angle sensor with the company that opted for a Sony IMX787 da 64 MP.

Among the novelties also a new one sensore ToF (Time-of-Flight) used for autofocus and a sensore Melexis MLX90632 which is usually used to measure body temperature but which still does not have a well-defined use in terms of photos.

Google should be working on many new settings as well camera software as the adaptive flashlight which will have the task of dynamically adjusting the intensity of the flash and adapting it according to the scene.

There is also a feature for the AWB segmentationwhich will take care of dividing the shot into several parts while the AI ​​​​will have the task of improving each segment.

Finally a new one should arrive cinematic mode with better settings than those seen on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

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