Google Pixel 8, disappointing battery life when using mobile data

One of the reasons why several users have abandoned the idea of ​​having on their side with Google Pixel of the latest generation, it is theautonomy. Starting from the 6 Pro up to the last generation with the 7 and 7 Pro, more people have in fact noticed the poor battery life of the smartphone.

It was precisely like this that many lost enthusiasm from the first day they unboxed their phone. Many expected that the 5000 mAh unit that Google had introduced into the devices would offer at least a day of battery life.

Someone had attributed the problem to the modem that, with previous processors Tensor, it didn’t offer the right efficiency. For this reason, a change was made to the last Pixel 7 series, but apparently there was no shortage of problems. Now, after the launch of the new series Pixel 8, several users are reportedly complaining about poor battery life. That’s right, once again.

Google Pixel 8, users complain about battery drain situations when using mobile data

More users have reported on the web that they struggle to reach the 5 ore of use with their new Google Pixel 8 Pro. We are obviously talking about the hours of display turned on and in use.

Someone would have reported that they managed to reach 6 hours with the Wi-Fitherefore attributing the problem to mobile data. More specifically, several people have reported a much faster discharge process following one worse coverage compared to previous series devices.

Another user reports that he used his Pixel 8 Pro for 3 hours and found himself at 20% battery. Taking a look at the statistics, the 75% it would be consumed by the network, with someone turning off 5G to benefit.

In fact, the phone would run out of battery while continuing to search for the 5G network. Everything would therefore be attributable once again to the internal modem, a situation which however could be resolved with a software update.


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