Google Pixel 8, Face Unlock allows payments and access to banking apps

Google Pixel 8, Face Unlock allows payments and access to banking apps

Exactly yesterday there was the official presentation of one of the flagship killers of this 2023. That’s right, the new one has officially arrived Google Pixel 8 Pro together with the basic variant Pixel 8with users certainly not surprised.

Indeed, everything was already known thanks to the various rumors that have infested the web every day regarding technical specifications and aesthetic characteristics. However, there were several aspects that everyone had the opportunity to discover during yesterday’s event, one of which concerned safety.

In fact, Google has included the possibility of using the on board its new Pixels Face Unlock in multiple situations. Compared to before, there are many more applications that will be able to use this feature.

Face Unlock fundamental on the new Google Pixel 8, finally

The Face Unlock feature was previously available solely for unlocking the device, but now everything changes. In fact, it can be used primarily for Google Pay but also for services banking and other application access.

This new update is therefore one of the most emblematic things if you make a comparison with the last Pixel 7 range. What allows this implementation is the new chip used by Google, the Tensor G3 which together with some advanced algorithms based on machine learning manages to guarantee more versatility.

In fact, it should be noted that Google has finally achieved Class 3 biometric classification, which previously had not been possible without the addition of a sensor LiDAR. The Face Unlock installed on the new Pixel 8 uses a series of sensor combinations which together with the software create a 3D map of the face. This is stored securely inside the smartphone and used to verify identity for all types of appearances.

On the other hand, the Tensor G3 processor uses a security chip Titan M2 to protect your personal information. So the game is done: users finally have what they wanted.

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