Google Pixel 8 Pro, unboxing shows the smartphone: there is an advantage

We have been talking incessantly for weeks about the new devices that Google will launch on the market soon. We’re here now, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to officially see the presentation of Pixel 8 ed 8 Pro.

In addition to filtering many rumors regarding the technical specifications, something incredible appears to have appeared on the web in the last few hours. According to what has been reported, in fact, on YouTube a short clip would be published in which a color Google Pixel 8 Pro would actually be taken out of the box nero.

It would therefore be a real one unboxing, almost like when a device is officially presented. Taking note of what we have seen, inside the package users will only find a USB-C cable and an adapter for fast data transfer.

Google Pixel 8 Pro ends up on the web with an unboxing, it doesn’t seem to hold back the “fingerprints”

Taking a closer look at the smartphone, it’s easy to see how the rumors to date have gotten it right. In fact, you can see the photographic compartment equipped with three sensors on the back which is part of a single large black pill-shaped bar. The thermometer also seems to be clearly visible. In fact, let’s remember that the new Google Pixel 8 Pro will be able to detect the temperature corporeal.

All the devices that have been the subject of rumors to date had shown a glossy back cover, prone to retaining any type of mark. This finish however, as the unboxing leaked on YouTube points out, would be opaque. So those who don’t like fingerprints may have found the perfect finish.

For many users who have followed the news regarding the previews of Google’s new smartphones, tomorrow’s presentation may be superfluous. After all, however, we know that events always show some new aspect, thus favoring the surprise effect that everyone would like to have. Tomorrow is October 4th: the wait is over, the new top of the range Mountain View products are arriving.


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