Google Pixel 8 Pro wins the title for best display

The new top of the range Google It has already been a great success, even though it is only a few days old. Currently the Pixel 8 Pro would have recorded excellent impressions, proving at least for the moment the best smartphone in terms of display. In fact, a new ranking shows the highest score within it, which is in fact attributed to the new Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Both in terms of color and readability, the testers gave a more than positive opinion. There were 6 judging criteria to which the smartphone was subjected, among which, in addition to readability and color, video, movement, touch and artifacts stand out.

Google Pixel 8 Pro is the best smartphone in terms of display

Regarding the readability, the device shows great convenience for users. In fact, in different light conditions the Pixel 8 Pro is impeccable and allows you to have a perfect picture of what is on the display.

Speaking of colors then, Google’s top-of-the-range device has a particular ability to reproduce them extremely accurately.

Lato videothe evaluation was made both from the standard dynamic range (SDR) than with the high dynamic range (HDR10). Even in low light, the display looked super detailed.

If anyone could exist asking how effective the smartphone was in managing the contents dynamicno problem: here too the score was very high.

About the touch screen, nothing to say: precision and response times are commendable for this smartphone. Same thing for the artifacts: manage perfect rendering and total absence of flickering.

Tests have shown that, thanks to its peak brightness of 2100 nits, the Google Pixel 8 Pro outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Max, especially in low-light conditions. The overall display score is 154,: more than the previous leader which was Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5.


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