Google Pixel 9, rumors reveal new AI functions

Google Pixel 9, rumors reveal new AI functions

Artificial intelligence is also taking decisive steps on smartphones, especially in recent times. Samsung demonstrated this with its new Galaxy S24 range, full of smart features that also surprised the public. In case anyone didn’t know, too Google is at the forefront of artificial intelligence and soon everyone will notice.

According to what has been rumored, the company is working hard to integrate its innovations “AI-based” on its new smartphones. With the arrival of the Pixel 8 series last year, Google introduced a number of cloud-based AI features.

Now we can’t wait for anything other than the much talked about Pixel 9, phone that could be ready to show off more AI features in it. In fact, today’s rumors suggest some real gems being developed in Mountain View.

The Google Pixel 9 will have a lot of artificial intelligence, the rumors that arrived today confirm this

The new Google Pixel 9 will give everyone proof that BigG is there in this race towards the future. As can be seen on the web in recent hours thanks to some indiscretions, which are also very reliable, the Pixels of the new course are destined to compete with the Galaxy S24 by virtue of the AI ​​functions with which they will be equipped.

We talk insistently about functionality transformation of text into imageclear improvements made to the feature Magic Composethe ability to generate specific suggestions for automatic responses, and much more.

This exclusive news comes from code analysis of the latest versions of Google’s AI Core app and the Messages app beta. The source even reports that the next Pixel 9 could be able to generate images without relying on cloud services. At that point the difference with the current Pixel 8 Pro would be clear, as the latter creates backgrounds generated by artificial intelligence, but relying on cloud support.

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