Google Pixel 9, what the next upcoming models will be like

I Google Pixel they are among the smartphones most appreciated by consumers and not only because they always guarantee very high level performancebut also because they allow you to log in early to the various features offered by Big G and integrate perfectly with the entire ecosystem of the technology giant.

Therefore it is not surprising that, although the official presentation is still several months away, the brand new ones Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro e Pixel 9 Pro XL are already monopolizing the attention of the web with many rumors that are already anticipating the alleged technical data sheet of these smartphones.

The latest one is quite substantial and revealed a preview of many new features on the supplied processor. Here’s what we know

Google Pixel 9, the new processors

The indiscretion in question comes from the blog Rozetked and shows a super preview of the results of the benchmark tests of the various Pixel 9 series devices.

Clearly, since the data was shared extremely in advance, there is no way of knowing whether it really refers to these phones which, however, could still be prototypes, with the possibility that in the coming months the company decides to make further changes, completely overturning these information.

However, despite this uncertainty, what appears on Rozetked is quite interesting and bodes well for the brand’s upcoming smartphones Google.

And they are a test AnTuTu they clearly show that the processor inside future smartphones is, as expected, a Tensor G4 which will find its place on all devices in the series.

It will have a total of 8 core with a 1+3+4 configuration: the main core Cortex-X4 dedicated to performance with a 3.1 GHz frequency; three cores Cortex-A720 at 2.6 GHz which are intermediate components dedicated to both performance and efficiency; four cores Cortex-A520 at 1.95 GHz for operations that require fewer resources and are therefore aimed at efficiency.

The first difference compared to the previous one Tensor G3which fuels the current ones Google Pixel 8lies in the configuration which on the current device is 1+4+4 for a total of 9 cores.

However, despite one less core, AnTuTu’s data speaks for itself and the Pixel 9 it achieved a score of 1,071,616 against the 900,000 points of the old model. The Pixel 9 Prohowever, reached 1,148,452 points against the 1,142,984 points of the current Pro version. Finally, the Pixel 9 Pro XLa new device for Google, scored 1,176,410 points.

In addition to this we know that the main Cortex-X4 core, which has already demonstrated its potential within processors Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, should guarantee about 15% more performance than the Tensor G3 and an improvement in energy efficiency of about 40%. The other cores in the chip, however, should guarantee better use of resources by about 20% compared to the past.

Google Pixel 9, what else do we know

According to the little information shared online so far, future Pixel series smartphones should have a decidedly different look compared to the past which, according to some, would have a lot in common with the Samsung Galaxy S24.

The basic model should have a 6.5-inch display against the 6.3 of the Pixel 8, given this it cannot be ruled out that the others could also be larger, with the Pixel 9 Pro XL which could get dangerously close to 7 inches.

Clearly, given Google’s great commitment to the topic of artificial intelligenceit is reasonable to hypothesize that the company is working on new features which, as happened with the previous version, could remain exclusive to these devices.

Moreover, the recent integration of Gemini even within the Chromebook speaks clearly and it is practically certain that similar solutions will also arrive on the Pixels to make the most of the proprietary AI and, obviously, the Android 15.

Other than this we don’t know anything else about the new Pixels, the official presentation should be scheduled as usual until next autumn but other rumors will certainly arrive in the next few months.

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