Google Pixel, if the apps crash here's how to fix it

Already during the last 2021 an absurd bug was encountered on Android, when a defective version of the Android System Webview application caused several other applications to crash unexpectedly. It seems that currently the operating system of Google is exhibiting such an anomaly again, albeit, fortunately, on a smaller scale.

There are several users who own a Google Pixel to have encountered such problems with many applications, both proprietary and third-party, which would suddenly stop. It seems that currently only a well-defined circle of devices is affected by the problem, especially among some series of the Mountain View smartphone.

At the moment only those who own a smartphone Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 6 o Pixel 7 would have reported the problem.

Google Pixel: Suddenly apps crash, here’s how to fix it

Several reports have been received in the last period from Pixel owners. These would concern applications such as Chrome, Gmail, Messages, Pokemon Go, Adblock Browser and YouTube.

Time and time again users would be faced with sudden crashesbut that’s not the only problem. Several people have also reported many difficulties updating their smartphones: the page of update would also be affected by the bug.

Several users have tried various solutions to solve the problem, starting with downgrading some apps to previous versions. The trial also involved restarting the phone, restarting in safe mode and also resetting to factory settings with poor results.

Some owners of the affected Google Pixels would have reported that the latest versions of the applications Operator Services e Play Services they could be the problem. In fact, it would be enough to uninstall the latest updates.

The advice therefore, before proceeding with drastic solutions such as factory data reset, is to try this option with which many have solved the problem.


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