Google Pixel, nothing done for the economic model

The brand new ones Google Pixel 8 e Google Pixel 8 Pro they were officially presented only a few days ago but they have already become among the most desired devices ever.

Also an accomplice high level technical sector and many interesting AI-based solutionsthe public and professionals were immediately fascinated by these devices.

And given that Big G recently tried to enter the world of foldables (with Google Pixel Fold) and in that of tablets (with Google Pixel Tab) many have wondered whether Big G’s future plans include a Google Pixel low cost.

Of course we are not referring to a Google Pixel 8a but we are really talking about a device entry levelsomething from the Pixel brand but which costs around 200 dollars. Of course, the Mountain View company should consider “some sacrifices”, but it could attract the attention of an important segment of users, those who do not want to spend a fortune on a smartphone.

Google Pixel Low Cost, the first declarations

The vice president of Google Mobile BusinessNanda Ramachandran, said to The standard (a Swiss newspaper) that the company currently has no plans for a Low cost pixels because too many compromises would be needed to make it happen.

After all, “simplifying” such a device, perhaps depriving it of features related to artificial intelligence and high-level cameras could be too drastic a solution for a brand like Google, which has always been very attentive to the quality of its phones.

Therefore, imagining a device that could cost around 200 dollars (or 200 euros) would currently be decidedly impossible for the company.

This is largely also due to other types of compromises that, over time, Big G has had to deal with, for example Android Go, the version of the operating system developed for smartphones with modest technical specifications. A solution that has always led to different problems due to updates which often go into the background, exposing devices to potential risks.

After all, with the new ones Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 ProGoogle has extended to seven years updates software and security ones, in order to significantly increase the life of its phones, which could also justify their not exactly affordable prices.

A statement that would further penalize a low cost company which, for obvious reasons, could absolutely not support updates of this magnitude.

Google Pixel 8a, what we know

While not making a low cost Pixel, it is more than likely that Big G is in the process of making one Pixel 8a, the lite version of its smartphones which, according to rumors, should arrive in 2024.

In this case, although it is a “cheap” smartphone, it is certainly not a $200 device and, in any case, it would have much of the technical data sheet of regular phones, starting from the same processor.

Naturally, there is no confirmation in this and, according to some rumors, the alleged Pixel 8a could be the last device in Google’s “a” series, precisely because the Mountain View company would not agree with the too many compromises it would impose such a choice.

It is not yet clear what this statement means, but certainly an excessively simplified device would no longer make sense in the Pixel stable, which are full-blown top of the range.

Furthermore, we know that the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are expensive 100 euros more than previous modelspushing their starting prices to respectively 800 e 1.099,99 euroan increase that could also affect a possible “a” model, certainly justifiable by the great potential of these devices but which may not be suitable for all budgets and could change the meaning of the adjective “cheap” associated with a Google Pixel 8a.

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