Google Play Games for Windows PC: Added controller support

In recent years, Apple has been working assiduously to make macOS more attractive to video game enthusiasts. To date, however (and it has been like this for many years now), the reference platform is without a doubt Windowswhich recently opened its doors to Google Play Games by Big G. For those who don’t know it, the service allows you to play many titles developed for on PC Android.

A few hours ago, developer Supercell announced that its wildly popular Clash of Clans e Clash Royale they are officially available on Windows PC right through Google Play Games. However, this is not the only noteworthy news about the Mountain View giant’s service.

Google Play Games

In a new post, in fact, Google announces that there are now over 3000 playable video games and that among the new features there is also the much needed controller supportand more precisely those of the last two generations of Xbox and PlayStation respectively.

«Controllers simplify the PC gaming experience and make it more fun“, it is read. «RWe are providing controller support so users can enjoy even more immersive gaming experiences». Compatible controllers are those for Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One, the PlayStation 5 DualSense and the PlayStation 4 DualShock.

Plus, there’s also great news for anyone who owns one monitor 4K, given the full support from this moment on. To select the desired resolution, you can call up the appropriate menu by pressing Shift + Tab simultaneously while running any game.

Not just Google Play Games: new gaming event for Xbox and Microsoft

Microsoft has announced a new broadcast focused on third-party games that will then arrive on Xbox Series S and Windows. Titled Xbox Partner Previewthe event will leave room for games created by publishers of a certain caliber and by studios indie.

The appointment is scheduled for Wednesday 25 October, at 7pm. The event will be shown live on Twitch and Microsoft’s YouTube channel. Over 20 minutes of trailer expected (including that of Alan Wake 2) e video gameplay.


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