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Google Play Protect, protection is also extended to third-party apps

Google Play Protect it is the protection tool of Android which keeps your smartphone safe from malware and dangerous software.

The system, which currently checks approximately daily 125 billion applications, is adding more modes of programmatic scanning to combat any cyber threats in an even more thorough manner, especially those deriving from third-party apps which have always been one of the access routes for digital attackers to users’ devices.

The functionality arises from the need to protect oneself from increasingly advanced dangers, such as those they exploit artificial intelligence for example, and which are often not detected by classic defense systems.

Here’s what we know.

Google Play Protect, the new features

According to Google’s statements, the advanced features of Google Play Protect are about to be launched in selected markets and then arrive globally on every Android device.

The new version of the security tool will launch a real-time app scanning every time you install programs that are not never been scanned beforea quick and easy solution to detect new threats and promptly stop their spread.

This system will delay the installation with a full screen scanning interface (impossible to close) while Google performs a checking the program codein order to guarantee a targeted search for any threats hidden deep inside.

The analysis will extract important data from the app and send it to the Play Protect infrastructure for programmatic evaluation. Once this search is completed, users will receive a result that will inform them whether what they are installing is safe or not.

By doing so, not only will it be possible to counteract it promptly the spread of virus e malware (physically blocking the installation before it can infect a device) but Google will be able to thoroughly examine any type of threat, including the most sophisticated ones which, using AI or other camouflage systems, manage to go unnoticed by classic security controls.

Obviously, this protection measure is mainly aimed at third-party apps which, very often, come inserted via apk inside the phone’s memory and installed without the security system being able to do anything about it.

With the new defense systems there will not only be greater safety for the user but also for Google itself which will also be able to keep track of all those threats that do not pass through Google Play Store but they come from “alternative sources”.

Other Google Play Protect features

In addition to malware detection, Google Play Protect will also offer users other important security features, such as Find my devicewhich has the task of showing the user the exact location of their Android device.

With the new functions it will be possible block devices, log out users from your Google account or even delete its contents remotely, so that whoever stole the Android phone or tablet cannot have access to personal data.

As for web browsing, Google Play Protect will also be able to monitor navigation via Chrome and identify malicious activity coming from the websites you visit.

Finally from the next update it will be possible check the security status of your device and start a full scan at any time, so as to make sure that everything is working properly and that there are no threats lurking, ready to undermine people’s safety.


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