Google Play Protect: real-time app scanning coming soon

The functionality of real-time app scanning Of Google Play Protect should be released on all devices Android by the end of September 2023.

This function, which has been in the testing phase for some time, allows you to automatically scan any app installed externally Google Play Store with real-time analysis.

This is an important addition to the existing security features of Google Play Protect, as it will help protect users from one of the most common “traps” in Android, namely apps from external stores, a channel often exploited by cybercriminals to spread malware Of every kind.

With real-time app scanning, Google Play Protect becomes even more useful

While this practice was strongly discouraged until now, real-time app scanning should guarantee greater security for the user. In fact, with this introduction, the use of file APK it should be safer than in the past.

On a practical level, this introduction should work in a rather simple way: the moment the app is installed, the system performs an accurate scan of the code present, trying to detect any dangers for the user. In case of portions of malicious code, the procedure is blocked with the smartphone refusing to complete the installation.

Real-time app scanning in the context of Google Play Protect is just the latest initiative from the Mountain View giant to make the Android environment more secure. In fact, just a few weeks ago, there was news of the tightening of Google Play’s security policies, aimed precisely at a more decisive fight against the malware phenomenon.

This latest move seemed almost dutiful on Google’s part, given that in the same official store there have been several cases of apps that turned out to be malicious with hundreds of thousands of downloads.


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