Google presents Assistant with Bard, coming to Android and iOS

Not just new smartphones, smartwatches and earphones at the New York event Google. As widely expected, Big G also dedicated ample space toartificial intelligence and more specifically to its chatbot Bardalso soon available to Android and iOS users tramite Google Assistant.

Assistant with Bard, Google explained, “combines the generative capabilities of Bard with the personalized help of Assistant.” And yes, the already announced integrations with services such as Gmail, Google Drive and Docs are also planned. During the keynote an example was proposed to better convey the idea. Big G’s assistant, powered by Bard, can update the user on all important unread emails throughout the week, summarize them with highlights, provide suggestions and contextual information (the address of a party) and so on.

Another successful example concerns the generation of a social post simply by feeding a photo to Assistant with Bard

Let’s say you just took a photo of your adorable puppy and would like to post it on social media. Just ask Assistant with Bard to write a social post for you. The assistant will use the image as visual input, understand the context and help you with what you need.

Assistant with Bard - Esempio

As for the user interface, Assistant with Bard presents itself as a window that “floats” on the screen. It no longer takes up all the available space because what is in the background also has its importance.

According to Google, the enhanced version of its virtual assistant is a sort of experiment and soon will be distributed to the first testers to receive useful feedback. However, public availability will have to wait monthsyes for Android and for iOS.

The company defines generative artificial intelligence as “creating new opportunities to bring a more intuitive, intelligent and personalized digital assistant to life”: «We think your digital assistant should make managing your to-do list even easier, like planning your next trip, creating a weekend shopping list, or sending a simple message. Just what a real assistant would do».


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