Google released inclusive Real Tone filters for Google Photos

In the past few hours, Google has announced the start of the implementation of the new filters (4) “Real Tone” in favor of Google Photos: this is what it is, and how they work.
Google released inclusive Real Tone filters for Google Photos

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Like Maps, the navigation service used by millions of people around the world to plan their trips, another very popular service at Google is Photos. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the online search giant, skilled in processing data, has also poured out its expertise in its photo and video organization and editing service, with an announcement that puts a lot of novelty into operation. wait.

With the launch of the Google Pixel 6, a certain emphasis was given to the fact that the related camera app would give more realism to the shots, through a wider range of lighting conditions that, in bringing out the various skin tones better, would have made the photos more accurate and responsive to reality.

Later, with the 2022 edition of the I / O, Google promised that it would implement the color scale of Ellis Monk, a professor at Harward, through the library that became open-source “Monk Skin Tone Scale”, both in the web search and in Photos, so that these improvements were available to everyone, regardless of the device owned (and, therefore, the exclusivity for the new Pixel phones has expired). On the web, this has resulted in a skin tone selector which, on some queries, allows you to refine your search results. Now, the promised news have been announced as being released also for Google Photos, on the web, Android and iOS, with the provision of new “Real Tone” filters.

The filters in question, developed with professionals in the creation of the image, are 4 (Playa, Honey, Isla and Desert), in order to reflect, according to what Google itself explains in an ad on Twitter, the style of the user: in every case, their optimization was carried out with the aim of ensuring the best results on every skin tone.

Finally, according to what is announced by the leakers of xda-developers, the appearance of the filters in question should take place within the Google Photo editor, in the Filters section: here, by choosing one of the new Real Tone filters in roll-out , at the end the new message will be shown with the words “Made with Real Tone” confirming that the personalization effect implemented has remained obtained by applying a Real Tone filter.


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