Google Search cache no longer available: here’s how to access it anyway

Google Search cache no longer available: here's how to access it anyway

The cache of a search enginelike Google Search, refers to the set of copies of the content of the Web pages that the crawler saved after indexing, downstream of the scanning process. The information stored in the cache therefore represents the version stored by the search engine, as acquired at a given time.

Until yesterday, by carrying out a search on Google, there was the possibility of accessing the versions of the web pages stored in the cache. Using the cache is useful, for example, when the page you are interested in is not available, appears removed or is inaccessible for any reason. By clicking on the cached link, the user can view the saved version of the page and check how it looked when the search engine indexed it. The cache also allows you to compare previous versions of a page with the one currently served by the Web server.

Using cache is one of the cornerstones of Google search, one of tricks which is impossible not to know. It must be said, however, that at best Google Search exposes only the latest version of a web page, not allowing access to previously cached data. We have presented other methodologies to see what a site or page looked like in the past.

Reset Google cache in search engine

The Google search engine is not static, on the contrary, it is the recipient of continuous updates. By carrying out a search and then clicking on the three dots to the right of each link proposed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), previously the button appeared Cache. It hasn’t happened anymore for a few days: Google seems to have removed the ability to view the contents of its cache.

The bad news is that the choice does not seem to depend on the user’s client platform: Google has removed the link and button Cache lato serverno longer allowing immediate access from the search results page.

Fortunately there is a solution. Typing cache: followed by the URL of the web page you are interested in, you can always access the contents of the cache. For example, you can type cache: matching the domain name of a site: in this way Google shows the cache of the contents of the home page.

Alternatively, it can be inserted cache: followed by the complete address of the page, complete with any parameters in the URL (the information following the symbol ?).

Google Search Cache: how to access it

At the moment, Google has not commented on the decision to remove the cache reference from search results. We hope to restore the functionality to make it easier to access the information stored by crawler of the search engine.

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