Google Search is superior to Bing, Microsoft's CEO is aware of this

In case antitrust who sees the US Department of Justice against Google was also called to testify Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft. The latter, among other things, declared that the agreement between Apple and Google does not allow other search engines, Bing including, to compete. With Google Search being Safari’s default search engine, it is now the normality” for Apple users to rely on the Big G product.

«You wake up, brush your teeth and do a Google search», said Nadella, according to whom Google Search is a true monopoly and that there is no choice in this market. Anyone who says otherwise declares it “false”.

Google Search has no rivals, also thanks to Apple: Microsoft’s efforts to make Bing attractive by leveraging AI

It’s no mystery that Microsoft is trying to steal market share from Google enriching the Bing user experience with AI features (in collaboration with OpenAI). Optimism, however, is not at the highest levels, because according to Nadella the Google’s distribution advantage does not seem likely to decline.

The Microsoft CEO also provided his opinion on the aforementioned agreement between Apple and Google. The partnership, according to Nadella, is certainly economically favorable for the Cupertino giant, but there is also more: In fact, Apple fears Google, and not having him as an ally could be a problem. Big G has a number of popular services such as Gmail and YouTube on his side and could exploit them for promoting the installation of Chrome to the detriment of Safari as much as I can. It is this fear, explains Nadella, that holds Apple and Google together more than anything else.

Google Search su iPhone

Make such a deal (with Apple) it would be “a turning point” for Microsoft. Nadella declared that his company would be ready to grant the Cupertino giant every economic advantage in the event of a move to Bing and would also be willing to hide the brand in search engines on iPhone, iPad and Mac ea respect any of Apple’s privacy wishes.

More research would result in more data which the Bing team could use to improve the search engine. This would lead to greater attention from advertisers and, above all, to achieving the quality now guaranteed by Google Search. Nadella then confirmed that today Bing is not at the same level as its rival and that the situation could remain unchanged for a long time.


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