Google Search reaches a new level thanks to generative AI

Google Search reaches a new level thanks to generative AI

For Google, artificial intelligence is the future of web search. In reality, the future is… the gift. At the conference I/O 2024in fact, the company presented the “AI summaries”something that until a few days ago was called Search Generative Experience. This novelty is based on one “knowledge made up of billions of places, products and things“, explains the Mountain View company. But how does the search experience change?

Generative AI revolutionizes Google Search

Generative artificial intelligence transforms Research, enhances it and makes it more complete than ever. Users, taking advantage of the new Gemini model customized for Google Search, can ask more complex requestswhich include for example information about a place, booking a guided tour and an overview of things not to miss.

Everything can be included in the same request, therefore without the obligation of having to divide it to make it more “digestible”. Below is an example of a complex query suggested by Google: «find the best yoga or pilates studios in Boston and show me details of new member offers and walking distance to Beacon Hill».

Panoramas generated by artificial intelligence may also be available in the future adjust, meaning the user will be able to decide on a format that suits their experience level. For example, you can simplify the language when the topic is too complex and you want to make it more accessible.

With a video it’s even easier

A particularly appreciated new feature of the AI-based version of Google Search is the search via video. Given the progress in understanding clips and videos (audiovisual content and context), it is possible to ask questions with videos.

The demo shown at the I/O 2024 conference conveys the idea perfectly. When you find yourself facing a problem with an object for which you don’t know the names of its component parts (a turntable, for example), it is not necessary to find the right words to find the solution: just record a short video and describe in brief the problem. The footage is then fed to Google Search’s AI, which delivers a guide with steps and resources to resolve the problem.

Google Search with video

The new Google Search AI experience is currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the future it will also be extended to other countries, including Europe.

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