Google Search will be able to generate images with AI

Artificial intelligence now allows you to truly do everything at any time, whatever the need. If you need a image generator of this kind, you can certainly find many. More examples have been seen lately, although many wish they had something simple and common to use.

Soon you will be able to say thank you Google for a solution of this type. That’s right, yesterday Google announced that users will be able to generate images with artificial intelligence directly from Google Search. This means that you can go to the official website and type your image request, as if you were making a standard request to search for something on the famous search engine.

Once you have written what you are looking for, you will have your precise image. This new feature becomes part of the new Search Generative Experience (SGE) di Google.

Google allows you to create images with artificial intelligence on the search engine

It should be remembered that to access this solution, you will have to join the aforementioned program. At least for now you must live in the United States and be over 18 years old. Google makes it clear that it cares a lot about security even in this new aspect, with the company having done everything to prevent any abuse.

For example, it will not be possible to generate images that would go to violate the regulations in force. This means that creating misleading and harmful content will be absolutely prohibited. All generated images will also carry a watermark built-in that will report the AI ​​generation process.

To clarify how it works once again, you will need to write what you want in the search engine. For example, you can choose to ask Google to generate a dog wearing a hat. You can do practically whatever you want, but at least for the moment this function is only available for a small number of people. We will have more precise information in the next few days.


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