Google Sheets: You can now create tables with a single click

Google Sheets: You can now create tables with a single click

In this period of great news and implementations, too Google Sheets has gotten a major update.

In fact, with Google’s latest introductions, this tool will make it possible create formatted tables with a simple click. Although this introduction arrives just a few years later than Excelthis is however an innovation that is appreciated by regular users of Google Docs. Even though it doesn’t rely on any type of Artificial Intelligence, the new table creation offers a positive user experience.

The new implementation is very simple to test first-hand: just open a spreadsheet, select a block of data, click FormatConvert to table.

After this step, filters will be automatically created for each column in the document, with visual separators added for the rows, all without manual intervention from the user.

New system for creating tables: here’s how it will work

Furthermore, by activating the Convert to table option, Google Sheets will show a specific menuwith which the user can interact to manage the filters or adjust the range of data taken into consideration.

As reported by Google, this update also includes a new option called Create group for viewing. This should allow users to enter data into groups separated by their column filters. In this way, it will be possible to better manage the priorities of the data entered.

According to the developers, the proposed table templates have been designed for the most common uses of this content, ranging from inventory management to event planning. Certainly, by combining this implementation with some advanced functions of the tool, it will be possible to manage spreadsheets in a much more advanced way than in the past.

The new automatic table creation feature is not yet available to everyone. According to what has transpired so far, the global rollout will be gradual and will begin on 30 maggio.

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